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keychains for Men

Cool digital photo keychains, nice keychains for men.

Maybe there are many other key chains for men, like leather keychain for men, metal keychains for men , for color, maybe balck keychains for men, gold keychains for men, but more royle men's keychains is digital photo keychains.

This photo keychains much fit for men use.

With men's key chains, you can take your family photos with your when you travel for business. Also share photos with  family and loved ones has never been easier with this electronic photo keychains.

The Digital Photo Frame is a cute little accessory that's no more troubling to carry than your house keys and, just like your house keys, you'll always do better to take it with you wherever you go. With its petite but pixel-packed 1.5" screen, it's a tiny but sharp way to carry your favourite snaps around with you.

A succeful business man, a high-grade men's keycghains.Anyway, these little windows into photographic history come in red , silver grey, and the silver gery is men's keychains, young men maybe choose red photo keychains. The men's keychains are recharged via USB connection to PC or Mac. With a full charge they'll last up to a whopping 4 hours, and even longer in sleep mode (who wants to look at photos for 4 hours at a time anyway?).

Keychains For Men Features :

Keychains for Men

  • Digital Photo Keychain with 1.5" screen.

  • 8MB capacity will hold over 100 photos.

  • 128 x 128 pixel screen.

  • At full charge, battery will withstand up to four hours of viewing (much longer in sleep mode).

  • Slideshow function.

  • Dangles nicely from your keyring, so it's naturally portable.

  • Charges via USB.

  • Compatible with PCs and Macs with USB port.

  • Nylon strip and metal ring to attach to key ring.

  • Available in black, red and pink.

  • Weight: 0.075 grams.

  • Suitable for ages 12 years +.


  • 2.2 x 1.9 x 0.5 inches

Packing :

  • 1 digital photo keychian
  • 1 USB connection line.


Keychains for men, with the capacity to hold over 100 such snaps, you can impress all and sundry with a surprisingly large compendium of photos in glorious 128 x 128 pixel detail. At any rate, it's a darn sight easier than carting an actual digital photo frame with you when you want to show people how amazing your holiday was. Unless it was rubbish and rainy, in which case just put some photos of your dog on there. Never fails

It's got an internal memory of 8MB men' s key chains  which is plenty to be getting on with, so even if you've gone mad and taken tens of photos trying to get that "my finger's on top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa" shot, you can share every single one of them.

It's basically a way to share your memories with anyone you fancy, it's holiday snaps or what you got up to last night - and a digital photo keychain frame with you all the time.